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Attorney Jack Schrold
Mr. Schrold received his undergraduate degree from the University of Miami in 1988. While studying journalism he found that his communication abilities could be used for bigger social purposes. Mr. Schrold graduated from Nova Law School law in 1992 and proceeded to build one of the largest niche law firms in the United States.


He recognized the terrible plight of thousands of people that were suffering due to unfair credit reporting practices. Using Federal and State law he helped over 60,000 people fight back against the credit bureaus. It was obvious that certain factions of the Federal Trade Commission were not actually interested in protecting the rights of individual citizens against these unscrupulous corporations.
Protecting the illegal actions of these corporations and the steady flow of campaign money was far more important.


While the credit fight took on national significance, Mr. Schrold continued to make a difference in the South Florida area defending hundreds of clients in criminal court. Unfortunately, the local language and cultural diversity can lead to substantial confusion and chaos. “Falling in to the justice system can be like a never ending maze for a person that finds themselves facing a criminal charge,” says attorney Schrold.

It was during this ten year period practicing criminal defense that it became obvious that most defendants did not even realize the long reaching consequences of having a prior arrest appear on future employment checks.  Mr. Schrold found a new focus and dedicated his efforts on providing an affordable legal service for people that qualified for seal and expunction petitions under the state law. 

“A person should not be held back from employment or education opportunities because of a criminal allegation that never led to a conviction.”

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